Godspawn started out as a way to distract me from how incredibly boring one of my least favorite classes was. I often make up random plots and characters to
entertain myself during daily life. More fun than listening to some perverted old man ramble on about literature, that’s for sure. But I digress. The tale of
Godspawn’s creation is long and probably very boring, so I’ll try to be brief.

It aaaall started because of another webcomic. (*coughEmergencyExitcough*) Or rather, because I discovered that the creator of another webcomic had once upon a time done some gender
bending art, including some of her own characters, and it caused me to wonder what one of her characters would be like as a woman. From there, it was a very
short skip and a jump to turning that feminized character into a bubbly teenager because…well…in my head she already acted like a bubbly teenager as an adult.
Due to the original character’s name (or at least one of them), I was inspired to name this now pink-haired, hyperactive little thing Vex since there was a terrible,
soap opera-ish plot circling my head about her being his daughter from another dimension where he was a woman.

Yeah, it was a REALLY boring class.

Regardless, this is how everything started. As Vex developed, I tossed all connections to the character that inspired her out the window and began to build a new
world, a new story, and a family around her. Now just for funsies, I’m going to review who all came when and why. Yay!

Vicious appeared out of the miasma because I’d already had the idea in my mind to give Vex a superpowered mom. Due to influences from yet another webcomic,
I decided to make her a Goddess and work from there. She is also loosely based off one of my oldest characters, Nita. A great many of my powerful mother figures
start off as a clone of Nita for some reason. Then they expand into entirely new people. Why? Don’t really know. I guess Nita’s just very pushy that way, forcing
her influence into my other characters. She’s probably pissed ‘cause I never finished her story. How she’s managed to cling to the inside of my head for so many
years, though, is beyond me.

Vainglory came shortly after Vicious. The sole purpose I had for creating her was because I had this neat idea for some sort of jacket thing that I thought was pretty
cute and I was going to put it on Vex, but I also wanted Vex to have a T-shirt that changed and would be a source of, at the very least, mild entertainment. So, I
raised the neckline (it was originally semi-underbust) and tossed it on her older sister. It’s actually a pitiful reason for her to exist, but that’s okay, I later decided to
give her a personality and, y’know, one of those nifty things. What’re they called? Oh yeah, a purpose.

Vice surprised me. I was pretty happy with just Vain and Vex and their mom but apparently he had a problem with not existing. I’m not entirely sure how or why it
happened exactly, but one day as I was plotting out some silly little gag strip for the girls to show up in, Vain did something silly and suddenly Vice was there to yell
at her for it. So…yeah, that’s pretty much it. I didn’t plan him out, he had no reason for coming to be, my subconscious mind just apparently required someone
to bite Vain’s head off and—poof!—there was Vice!

Farouk…um…well, he, uh…

I don’t know where Farouk came from. I’m sorry, I just…don’t. He came very quietly, I suppose. One day, I woke up and he was just there. Perhaps he
originated from one of the three gag comic ideas I came up with (I didn’t draw them at the time, though I do plan to do some chibi-fied versions of them for the sake
of looking back and facepalming at the idiocy of Godspawn’s beginnings). There’s no way to be sure. All I know is that he started out as Vicious’ favorite priest
since I couldn’t figure out why else he’d be hanging out around her and the kids all the time. Eventually, the idea of him being their nanny struck me and I thought
“hey, that might be amusing.”

It’s rather strange, thinking back on it, that Farouk has no real origin to him, especially since it was in developing his character that the entire plot clicked into place.
Everyone else I could fairly easily explain away with some history or another, but he was the one I really had to work at because, obviously, he doesn’t naturally fit
in with the other characters. He needed a reason to be there and, in crafting that reason and his background along with it, all the other problems I had figuring out
why this character acted as they did or how that situation came to be were fixed. It’s no wonder Farouk is now the pivotal character of the story; the main character
of the main characters, if you will.

And so here we are! Woo!

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