Godspawn's first fanart! Huzzah! See the uncolored version here.
Some adorable art of Vain in celebration of GS' first year of existence.
A lovely piece of Vex submitted for the GS art contest over on Gaia!
Vicious looking delicious, as usual. Another entry for the art contest.
Another contest entry, this one of a wee little Vice, Vicious, and, in a way, Vain. :3
Alas, poor abused little Farouk. My gift from Milk in the Pantry's Secret Santa '09.
Contest art of all the main characters bein' awesome and cool and stuff. Larger version!
'Nother contest pic. D'aww, Vain can be so adorable sometimes. :3
Yay! Kaeba made me GS art! And Vex is lookin' fierce. So double yay!
The contest has garnered another fabulous group pic! Behold its wonder! OMFGBIG!
The secret is out: Vice is really...a bishie! :O
What's better than soul-crushing cuteness? Soul-crushing cuteness in the form of Vex. ;3
Vicious lounging about looking lovely as Goddesses often do.
A bit of realism to add to the mix. Here's Vex and one of her cute little "pets."
Beware the cuteness. It shall devour your very soul! Mwahaha! >3
Speaking of cuteness. x3 Heh, now there's an outfit Farouk wouldn't approve of. ;)
An unfinished piece for the contest, but still quite lovely if I do say so.
Cupcakes and drama galore! Oh, and also a ninja. :3

Technically not fan work. I won these little cuties in an auction on Gaia, back before I'd even started drawing the comic.

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