Every sentient being in the world of Godspawn originated from the same place: the Universals. The Universals are, in essence, embodiments of the
different factors that make up the universe. The six of them are Order, Chaos, Time, Space, Life, and Death. Not unlike the Titans that sired the
ancient Greek gods of mythology, these Universals are the parents to every God and Goddess. They mate with no one, not even each other, they simply
produce their children--godlings--on a whim. Parthenogenesis, in other words. The godlings grow up to become Gods, the Gods have Godspawn, the Godpsawn
have demi-gods, the demi-gods have semi-gods, the semi-gods have exceptionally talented and perhaps somewhat magically inclined humans, and those humanss
have completely average, totally normal humans. That's where the cycle finally seems to stop. Aside from this, there are also races that were originally
created by the Gods and set loose on the world, but it is a commonly held belief that these creatures are created from the very being of the Gods and,
therefore, are just as much decendants of the Unversals as anyone else.

After this process initially took place--that is, when the Gods first started producing children and then so on and so forth--more complications arose.
Depending on who bred with who, the children would not necessarily come out as the next step in the evolutionay line, so to speak. Thus, there may be
several different family situations that could pose some confusion. It can be worked out with a little bit of thinking, but to spare you from that
headache, here's a basic guide on how the genetics work:

(Note: Percentages represent the chances of producing a certain type of offspring.)

It should be noted at this point that any and all Godspawn without at least one divine parent cannot actually achieve divinity themselves. For all intents
and purposes they are Godspawn, but their genes are a smidge too mortal to allow them to become Gods.

When demigods started breeding, things really started to get complicated. To clarify in regards to human children, although they are classified as human,
people with any kind of divine parentage have a tendency to be more magically inclined and/or perhaps just on the edge of being supernaturally talented at
something. Most of these people go on to lead very successful careers in the healing arts (a separate occupation from normal, non-magical doctors).

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