Someone has too much time on her hands.
Chaos (F)
Order (M)
Life (F)
Death (M)
Time (M)
Space (F)
First Generation
(Approx. 17-18k yrs)
Hate (M)
Greed (M)
Envy (F)
Honor (M)
Devotion (F)
Passion (F)
Love (F)
Desire (F)
Cheer (F)
Bliss (M)
Mourning (F)
Lament (F)

Pride (M)
Deceit (F)

Enchant (F)
Glamour (F)
Harmony (F)
Second Generation
(Approx. 15-16k yrs)
Sin (F)
Anger (M)
Spite (F)
Horror (M)
Charity (F)
Loyalty (M)
Integrity (F)
Joy (F)
Pleasure (M)
Rejoice (F)
Misery (F)
Compassion (M)
Allure (M)
Vanity (M)
Conceit (F)
Tumult (M)
Generous (F)
Voracious (M)
Third Generation
(Approx. 11-12k yrs)
Seduction (M)
Temptation (M)
Entice (F)
Detest (M)
Patience (F)
Remorse (M)
Appeal (M)
Sorrow (F)
Surprise (M)
Glad (M)
Fond (F)
Tender (F)
Kindness (M)
Despise (M)
Enmity (F)
Faith (F)
Torment (M)
Distress (F)
Treacherous (M)
Fascination (F)
Fourth Generation
(Approx. 7-8k yrs)

Atrocious (F)
Depravity (M)
Pernicious (F)

Blessing (F)
Unity (M)
Adore (M)
Lust (M)
Delight (F)
Rapture (F)
Humble (M)
Wicked (F)
Comfort (M)
Dreadful (F)
Threat (F)
Melancholy (F)
Exult (M)
Fifth Generation
(Approx. 4-5k yrs)
Vicious (F)
Despair (F)
Abhor (M)
Vile (M)
Virtue (M)
Parsimonious (M)
Benevolence (M)
Vengeance (M)
Melodious (F)
Ecstasy (F)

Calm (F)
Grace (M)

Ennui (M)
Implore (M)
Charm (F)
Temerarious (M)

Sixth Generation

Malicious (F)
Noisome (M)
Charisma (F)
Felicity (F)
Vehement (M) Dire (M) Plead (M) Pother (M)


Godspawn Turned Gods Parent(s) Grandparent(s)
Nefarious (M)
~13-14k yrs
Hate (M) and Deceit (F) Chaos (F) and Time (M)
Avarice (M)
~13-14k yrs
Greed (M) and Integrity (F) Chaos (F) and Order (M)
Ostentatious (F)
~13-14k yrs
Pride (M) and Desire (F) Time (M) and Life (F)
Depredation (F)
~10-11k yrs
Pleasure (M) and Spite (F) Life (F) and Chaos (F)
Trouble (F)
~2k yrs
Honor (M) and Charm (F) Order (M) and Time (F)
Jealousy (M)
~5-6k yrs
Rapture (F) Life (F)
Despondent (M)
~6-7k yrs
Despise (M) and Devotion (F) Death (M) and Order (F)



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